Our society have so many difficult, stratified problems not only multiple and global issues like climate change, environment, resource and poverty, but also weaken connection of local area in abundant Japanese society. Due to Great East Japan Earthquake, problems like energy, disaster prevention, etc. are shown. However, this shows only a part of issues in society, isn’t it? We think we need reconsider a living value that each person act by their own personal, deepen social tie with people who are close to them, has interest toward social basic issues, through experiences and lessons by suffering from the earthquake . Tokyo Think Sustainability (T2S) is platform acting for better society, which many people and organization participate in. Through T2S activities, let’s know ‘difficulty’, have ‘resolution’,and feel ‘pleasure’ of living in this period. We think we would like to expand our activities feeling worth doing and pleasure with citizens who have intention through various activities and people who never meet opportunity of acting.


【Report】‘shotengai-na-hito’(Japanese title) screening party ~a future session at TMG~ Jan,16,2013

On January 13, we hold “‘shotengai-na-hito’(Japanese title) screening party ~a future session at TMG~”.

About 50 persons gathered at a TMG meeting room, saw a movie ‘shotengai-na-hito’ (Japanese title), talked what can we do in each area, thinking our own areas’ future.

This event was held as a kick-off event that the parties connected with T2S are going to spread region activities through ‘shotengai-na-hito’ (Japanese title).

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What is "T2S" ?

We, at T2S, would like to offer our deepest condolences to the persons affected by the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake. Tokyo Think Sustainability focuses on social activities related to this disaster, like supports for sufferers and stricken areas or the correspondence of scheduled blackouts. I confirmed Tokyo’s situation of damage, which is my job, and corresponded scheduled blackouts. And many of T2S members focused on their own things to do. These correspondences calmed down, so we restart T2S activities with urgent meeting of disaster assistance.(T2S President)


【Report】 Field trip to an Urushi(lacquer) studio (2011.12.27)

On December 27, I visited a lacquer studio.

I had three amazing points.

1. There is the lacquer studio in the ordinary residential area in the 23 Wards of Tokyo.

2. Usually, artisans are elderly persons, but he is very young. (I don’t ask but I think he is probably in his twenties.)

3. Everything except glass can lacquer. And lacquerware is beautiful.

I think lacquer can be used in various kind of design because of wide range of usage and lacquer’s own texture. The lacquerware is truly beautiful. It has colors not only vermilion or gold but also green, purple and blue etc., glossy like candies, shining in jet black. The lacquerware’s colors become heavy because of lacquer’s own color and quality, but they are having color variation with appearing of titanium oxide. 

 I visited a lacquerware artisan,Yamaguchi’s studio in Nerima Ward. The studio located at a residential area from Oizumi-gakuen Station by 10minutes walk.

Traditional products like japan have systematic division of work. Each process has each artisan. For example, there has frame process, paint process, decorate process.  

Makie is pictures painted by lacquer with gold dust or colored dust.

 It’s very stylish, isn’t it?

I have been made a terrestrial globe because I heard everything can lacquer.

How about having made your own lacquerware?

Thank you for your reading.

(These photos of works on this report are ‘Onnmakie Yamauchi’ by Yasuji Yamauchi.)

Reporter: Hasegawa

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【Urushi Report】Lacquered globe completed!

A trial of lacquered globe has been completed which we had ordered at “makie maker Yamaguchi” last December.

Japanese lacquer (;Urushi)
It’s been made in order to smooth talking and dialog: such as self introduction at events, the Earth dialog that performed at the globe summit 2012 Japan.

Of course, we were filled with the hope of prizing the tradition and culture of lacquer work. However, on the other hand, we had wanted to create a novel one, therefore we asked Mr. Yamaguchi for his cooperation. Fortunately, he empathized with us and accepted our request. We would like to have him make a new version of the globe based on the trial. Please look forward to see it!

By the way, we T2S is going to make various products such as Goen meishi card and lacquered globe that are innovative to tackle social issues, based on awareness of the issues that had been engendered at the events.
If you are interested in, please contact us.  T2S.

高田優哉 Yuya Takada


【Report】What is the promotion of small and medium enterprises(SME) in Tokyo? ~Let’s study TMG policies and actual spots of enterprises~

1. The purpose of this lecture

Local government staffs who concern the promotion of industry in Tokyo speak about outlines of industrial policies and theories of SME. Furthermore, we visit actual spots of enterprises, and then we feel high technological strength of Tokyo enterprises in there. So, we sophisticate our views and sensitivity at actual spots as local government staffs in Tokyo.
And then, we think ‘What is the promotion of SME in Tokyo?’ in reality.

2. Date and place

18:30~21:00 January, 13, 2012  meeting room at Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.1

3. Lecturer
(1)Masayuki OKUYAMA
He is a director for planning in Planning and Budget Section, General Affairs Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs in TMG. He was a supervisor for planning of Commerce and Industry Division, a director of Commercial and Industrial Programs, etc. He concerned with the holding of Tokyo International Industry Exhibition and the planning of Tokyo industry promotion guidelines 2011 and so on.
(2)Yasushi SUZUKI
He is a team leader of New Ventures Support Section, Commerce and Industry Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs in TMG (loaned from Hachioji city). He has concerned with industry promotion for more than 10 years in Hachioji, and he also participates a various kind of city-planning.

4. Participants (except for two lecturers)
25persons (13 TMG staffs, 5 other local government staffs in Tokyo, 5 nongovernmental person, 2 the others)

5. Host organization (cosponsored by T2S and TOPIC)
(1) Tokyo Think Sustainability (for short, T2S)
It is community which TMG staffs, nongovernmental persons and those concerned with universities participate as platform with thinking ‘sustainable Tokyo’.
(2) Tokyo Public Innovators’ Community (for short, ‘TOPIC’)
It is community aimed to making connection among public servants in Tokyo under the slogan, ‘Public renews from Tokyo’. Mainly local government staffs in Tokyo join in.

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【Report】 Sustainable city seminar(2011/12/22)

On December 22, ‘Sustainable city seminar’ was held in the University of Tokyo (UT), Hongo campus with Ph.D. Yarime (associate professor of UT), and Mr. Edward Fukui.

On this seminar, we invited two persons who active in the front lines.

Tadashi Mizushima, the CEO of PNB asset management Japan, lectured “PNB, Malaysian national fund, in Japan”.

Naoki Inose, one of vice governors of Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), lectured “Concrete plans of various energy supply by TMG”. 

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The announcement of the Opening of English Site

This time, T2S opened English site in order to provide information about the sustainability of city broadly.
The contents of this site are basically the translation of Japanese website.
(For the moment, we do not have original contents of English pages.)
This translation site was produced by some volunteer staffs. Therefore, this English page update is not always updates that of Japanese pages at the same time.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation (Risako etc.).
Written by T2S publicist (Yuta)